Thunder Bay Concerned Citizens to stop reporting “news”

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Pino Demasi a “reporter” from the Thunder Bay Conerned Citzens page has gone too far, and is now posting news stories that family members of the deceased state are untrue, or may have wanted classified. Which shows a lack of respect, not only to the deceased, but to the grieving family. This is not the first incident that Demasi has posted false news, awhile ago he had posted pictures of a woman accused of having child pornography, which turned out to be the wrong woman in the photos. 

I would like to have The Thunder Bay Concerned Citzens “News” Website, and Facebook page to stop “reporting news” and stick to sharing news from other credible sources. 

Personal story
Pino has posted information that the family has chosen to withheld, and gave no confirmation to whether or not the information about Braiden Jacob is true. This shows a complete disrespect to the grieving family, and to the community of Webequie.