Pinewoods COVID Policy Considerations

Pinewoods COVID Policy Considerations

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Dear Pinewoods Parents-

     In light of the new COVID Policies at Pinewoods we are concerned about the quality of shortened work cycles, comfort of our children, and stress for teachers.  We also feel shut out of the decision making around the COVID policies and would like to partner with the administration and have a voice for the well-being of our children.  As such, some of us have partnered to start a petition to have the COVID policies be reviewed and amended based on parent feedback via survey at the next board meeting on January 25.  Please consider signing this petition, you do not have to put your name; your initials or a pseudonym will indicate you are in support of having the policies reviewed.  If you are a teacher, please consider indicating that you are a teacher if you use a pseudonym. Please sign by 5pm on Tuesday January 18.

Thank you for considering,

Concerned Pinewoods Parents

As parents in the Pinewoods Community, we are petitioning the school administration and board to adopt more moderate COVID policies that consider parent voices. This includes:

  1. Having the COVID policies that Pinewoods adopts align with NCDHHS and the CDC recommendations.  Implementation of policies aligned with current guidelines would enable Pinewoods to offer in-person education to most individuals continuously and would eliminate the need for cohort and sibling quarantining. 
  2. Ensuring the COVID policies adequately address all families by allowing community input on the policies through open meetings, surveys, and thoughtful consideration of parent’s concerns. Including:
    1. Having clear temperature and weather condition guidance for outdoor eating
    2. Provide picnic tables for the playground to allow children to eat at a table
    3. Provide teachers and students the opportunity to eat and drink in the classroom, distanced as appropriate
    4. Create a culture of understanding and grace with mask breaks for students and staff
    5. Keep windows and doors to the school closed to maintain a tolerable ambient temperature and ensure student's safety. 

As the parents of Pinewoods, we value partnership, transparency, and clear communication with the administration.  We aim to support the staff and administration by volunteering our resources, time and energy, when we can, for the benefit of our children. As such, we request that the administration immediately solicit feedback regarding COVID procedures from parents in the form of a survey  that is prioritized at the next board meeting on January 25, 2022.

32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!