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Stop providing plastic spoons with medicines

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Plastics are an ever increasing scourge on our environment. They do not biodegrade and are, therefore, entering our food chain. Even for those of us who avoid buying plastics where possible, some of them are still unavoidable.

Most of us will require medicines at some point in our lives if we want to keep ourselves and our families healthy. But each bottle of medicine comes with a plastic spoon, resulting in most families having a very large collection of non-recyclable plastic spoons.

But, if pharmaceutical companies stop providing a plastic spoon with every bottle of medicine, we can cut down on the number of plastics entering the oceans. This small change would make a huge environmental difference and would require very little effort from all parties involved.

Providing these spoons directly to pharmacies to be supplied to consumers on request would ensure that only those who require them would be supplied with spoons. If spoons have to be provided by law, then providing biodegradable ones would make a huge impact.


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