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Stop The Dress Code

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Hello, my name is Caitlynn, and I'm a high school senior. When it comes to public school dress code, it can be a bit sexist; by a bit, I mean a great deal. It has been an issue for a while now in many states and counties, but I'm officially done with the system, and want to make a change. 

I am not entirely sure about other counties at the moment, but I know the standards for Pinellas County are appointed to female students way more than they are to male. The dress code here focuses mostly on dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, and other female directed attire. There is barely anything appointed to male students besides no house/bedroom slippers and revealing boxer shorts. Women are not allowed to expose shoulders, or show bra straps, as it is considered a "distraction in a learning environment" and "inappropriate". There are female students every day who are put into ISS (In School Suspension) for wearing skirts just a tad above their finger tip length, or for wearing a tank top and having those shoulders shown. I believe it is absolutely unacceptable. 

I want to start small and make a change in my local area first. However, if that goal is reached, I would love to go even further and convince other schools to make a change as well. My overall goal here is not to stricken expression through fashion, or to shame men for having "an advantage". I do not want to establish uniform. I just want women to be able to go to school in a basic pair of shorts or a tank top and not be punished for such simplicity. I want them to have a comfortable environment, and not feel as if they are wrong for wearing clothes that are just as acceptable. I don't want a change in the male student dress code. I want to focus on the female dress code, and have a major, better change to that. 

Please support and help us female student body fight back against the standards of dress code, and body shaming! Every signature counts, no matter gender or location. Thank you. 

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