Please help us preserve and save our historic dock.

Please help us preserve and save our historic dock.

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Started by Kelly McFrederick

I would like to express my support for the dock variance being sought by Jack Rice and Kelly Lee McFrederick for the property located at 3612 E. Maritana Drive.

Jack and Kelly Lee's dock is a stately and attractive asset to the neighborhood. The dock's current configuration consists of a center section that contains the beautiful historic dock dating back to at least 1941, to the left is a covered boat slip that was nicely designed and constructed to look original and not interfere with the original historic section, and to the right of the dock are six existing tie poles. The county has decreed that the historic portions of the dock must be torn down and removed despite the fact that the dock is recognized by the St. Pete Beach Historic Preservation Board and was originally constructed well before any of the modern permitting systems. After close to 100 years of being in place, the county has decided they would like selectively enforce the code despite previously approving additions around the historic structure.

In 2013, the previous owner of 3612 E. Maritana updated the dock and installed the six tie poles on the right-hand side. In 2018, the previous owners of the dock updated the dock again to include a covered boat lift and to restore the historic section as well as add reinforcements to ensure the structure is hurricane safe.

The property is not typical along the waterfront of the intercoastal because the seawall is approximately 200 feet and the dock is well within the size ratio permitted for that length of the seawall. The current design of the historic dock does not create any access or view issues for their neighbors. More importantly, the original center section of the structure has been a part of St. Pete Beach's history since the 1930s. The property was owned by the Honorable Captain John Downey who was the captain of the Miss Budweiser for the Anheuser Busch family. There is a photo in the Gulf Beach Museum in Pasagrille which shows the dock in 1941 as it was being used during that time. The photo is also attached to this petition. Because of this dock's unique history and beautiful structure, we would like to see it remain. Even if it's not used as a boat slip, it has historic significance and is an important piece of history that would be a shame to lose. It adds both character and value to our neighborhood.

I support Jack and Kelly's variance application to allow the dock to remain in its current configuration.

49 have signed. Let’s get to 50!