We respectfully request that Pine View checks the accuracy of the school clocks and bells.

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Yesterday, (4/22) I walked into class somewhat late and was told to not be late again. The next day, (4/23) I walked into class sure that I was on time - I had just checked my satellite-connected phone, which displayed 9:15. Yet I was told I was late and given a referral because the bell had rang a couple minutes before. After discussing this with other students, I have heard similar stories in which the bell has rung yet it is not 9:15 yet. I also remember in 6th grade always looking at the wristwatch I use to wear and noticing the bell went off at 9:11. Yet while speaking with Mrs. Nzeza, I was informed that the bells are set to go off at 9:13 and 9:15. Concurrent with the possibility that the bells go off 2 minutes early, my friend told me that he once arrived at his third period class at 9:13, but the teacher had locked the door and marked him among other students tardy because the bells had already rung.

It is possible, no doubt (considering that Mrs. Nzeza also said that the school clock, and thus the bells, are connected to a satellite as well), that I among others may be simply mistaken and the clocks are correct, in which case we have to arrive earlier to class!

Nonetheless, we respectfully request that Pine View staff checks the accuracy of the clocks and ensure that the bells ring at 9:13 and 9:15 respectively.

Please sign this petition if you believe that Pine View should check their clocks and/or you have experienced such an issue with a time disparity.

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