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This is a post written by my older sister Cassidy Daiagi:

As many of you may know or some may not, this past year I was diagnosed with an incurable disease called NMO, it stands for Nueromylitis Optica. Pretty much what happens is my own body attacks my brain stem, my spinal cord, as well as my optic nerves. The only treatment possible is Chemo, I unfortunately don't have a very good reaction to chemo and have been prescribed medical marijuana. My parents who have done everything in their power to make this process less difficult for my have filled all my prescriptions and followed up with all my doctors. In the past few months we have been moving a lot of stuff around due to renovations and summer travels. This morning my brother boarded a plane and used a bag I did not know he was bringing which had some of my medicine in it. The camps reaction? Throw him out, now this is not just any camp my older sister has attended Pine Forest Camp since 2002, my younger sister went for over 10 years and became a counselor, and my brother is on his 9th summer of attendance. Should my brother be penalized for my mistake? Because I have to endure chemo 8 times a year and this one instance slipped past me, he should have his entire summer ruined? I already ruined this entire year for him with being in and out of the hospital. Now that he finally can get away and relax Mickey the owner of Pine Forest Camp <> has ZERO compassion, ZERO understanding, and ZERO consideration. Its clear to me my brother was nothing but a dollar sign and he doesn't truly care about him. I do understand that camps have a no tolerance policy for drugs or alcohol, but this isn't a black and white situation; this is a situation where much grey is involved. It is extremely disheartening when you reach out and ask for understanding only to be shut down, myself as his sister feels completely at fault and I am utterly disgusted by the lack of care the owner Mickey from Pine Forest Camp <> had. If I didn't have a brain tumor my brother would have never gotten kicked out of camp. I am sure if it was someone in Mickey's family (god forbid) that was enduring such troubles I am sure he would have been more understanding. Please share your opinions with Pine Forest Camp <>

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