Shut Down Pine Bush High School (Go Back to Virtual Learning)

Shut Down Pine Bush High School (Go Back to Virtual Learning)

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Pine Bush School District Administration

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Dear Pine Bush Administration,

As a student in attendance at Pine Bush High School, I'm aware of how covid impacted grades, test scores, and the mental health of both our community and student body. In-person learning has proven to help many, yet we have seemed to fail to remember we are amidst a pandemic, and with the way, we operate we simply cannot go back to in-person learning. Students, specifically those in High School, do not socially distance, refuse to wear their mask properly both in school and on the bus, and are catching covid more frequently due to hanging out and spending time with their family and friends outside of school.

At the time of writing this, there are 87,905 cases confirmed in Orange County alone today, with 982 deaths. In New York, there are 4,057,084 cases confirmed, 61,859
deaths and it only seems to be going in an upwards trend.

You cannot entrust teens, who haven't fully developed or honed the skills and tools needed to safely make decisions, to always do what they're told or follow the guidelines put in place by the school of CDC, because even though some will, most won't.

Opening the High School will only result in an increase of cases, and many students who have younger siblings in the district are placing their families and the families of their peers at risk.

Please reconsider the opening of PBHS.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!