Retake HSST Computer Science - Junior Examination Conducted by Kerala PSC

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Kerala Public Service Commission had conducted the examination for the post of HSST Computer Science - Junior on 1st February 2018, statewide. And candidates who attended the exam are very much disappointed with the question paper due to the following reasons:

  1. Wrong questions
  2. Wrong options/ not listed the right answers in options
  3. Incorrect programming questions (wrong syntax)
  4. Copied questions (especially GK)

It seems like no proof reading is done. Questions are copied, and the shocking fact is that, those questions which are copied from a previous year PSC question paper had some mistakes, and these mistakes are even copied without any changes. And the question paper doesn't maintain a minimum standard.

Regarding this few candidates (16 peoples) representing those who have complaints had met CM of Kerala and PSC Exam Controller at their offices, Trivandrum on 12th February 2018. We didn't get a positive response from the PSC office. They might have thought this is a complaint of these 16 peoples.

HSST - Junior exams conducted for other branches also have complaints about the exams. News paper reports were there.

It's very pathetic that a responsible government body like PSC is repeating the mistakes and not even admitting what they have done is wrong.

We know that what is the role of a teacher in preparing future generations. Being irresponsible like this is not at all acceptable by us. So, as most of us couldn't come to Trivandrum and join with this 16 member team, we write this petition to appeal for the retake of the examination.

We need your support to get justice for ourselves and all of them who are going to attend PSC exams in future.