Punish people who killed Pregnant Elephant by Bursting Firecrackers mixed in Pineapple.

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This news really shattered me from inside-out.
It brought tears to my eyes.
We Humans are ungrateful bastards.
We have never respected Mother Nature.
Always tried to control or subdue it.
Whether it is the so called most literate state in India or any other part of the world, animal abuse is so rampant that we don't even bother raising our voice against it.

This should be treated with strict and swift action against the culprits.
The perpetrators must be booked for attempt to murder and murder charges.

We truly deserve Corona, Cyclones and other natural calamities. It is Karma Slapping us left, right and Centre!!

Because of Social Media pressure the government will eventually take action but we as a nation need to take a stand.

When a child in our home harms a cat or a dog we need to edify them.

Stop going to Zoos. 

Stop taking Joyrides on Horses, Camels, elephants and other animals. 

Plant more trees, Keep a pot of water and food for birds and squirrels.

Things are really simple but we complicate it and always put our responsibility on others. 

If we start making very small changes in our lives by learning from the bad or good things happening in the world, our life would have been blissful and our planet more peaceful.