Kerala Government Provide Civic Addressing scheme

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Only 5% of the properties(houses/buildings) in the state of Kerala have an assigned property address such as street number, street/road name, city. Thousands of roads/streets have no names. And many properties with a street name do not have a street number assigned.

In the absence of a common civic addressing the following are the issues faced by citizens.

  • In times of crisis, people in the state have no easy way to communicate their location.
  • Visitors and travelers have no clear direction on how to reach a particular place.
  • GIS/GPS Mapping applications are not friendly with people exposed to  convoluted latitude/longitude positioning.


Implementing a civic addressing will

  •  Help people communicate their position
  • Allow GIS/GPS based applications to quickly find a position on the map by street address.
  • Increase tourism and transparency of travel throughout the state.

This current situation is pathetic for a state that is credited with the highest literacy rate and we request the best minds/talents be brought to bring Kerala civic addressing on par with rest of the world.