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Pimmit Hills Citizens’ Association (PHCA)
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Despite being denied twice by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Washington Gas continues efforts to install a 24” high-pressure gas transmission pipeline through Pimmit Hills to service areas outside of the neighborhood.1 The current gas transmission pipeline lies under Route 7. Rerouting this type of commercial pipeline through the Pimmit Hills residential neighborhood poses considerable safety risks, coincides with bus routes, and disturbs protected wetland areas.

Now, Washington Gas has somehow acquired a permit to begin laying this pipeline through our neighborhood. The Pimmit Hills Citizens’ Association (PHCA), along with Supervisor John Foust, State Senator Janet Howell, and Delegate Marcus Simon, continue to oppose laying this pipeline through the neighborhood. Instead, we support keeping transmission pipelines along Route 7 and Magarity Road.

Please sign the petition to make it clear to VDOT, Governor Northam’s office, and Washington Gas, that such a commercial-grade pipeline must be kept out of Pimmit Hills.

High-Pressure Gas Pipelines Continue to Cause Catastrophic Explosions Across the Country. We are greatly concerned for the safety of our residents given the great size and pressure of the proposed pipeline, and in light of recent explosions of similar pipelines. This past August, a similar type of pipeline exploded in Lincoln County, Kentucky, sending 300-ft flames into the air while burning homes and residents, and killing one individual. The explosion was so powerful it was seen on the weather radar.

In January, a brand new 24” gas pipeline, operating for only one week, exploded in Beaver, Pennsylvania, due to flooding rains. Washington Gas's proposed pipeline in Pimmit Hills would run through a known flood plain, contrary to new Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) warnings that indicate greater risk if pipelines are placed in flood-prone areas.

VDOT Previously Noted that Magarity/Route 7 is a Better Route than Running a Line Through Pimmit Hills. While Pimmit Hills residents would be shouldering significant safety risks, the pipeline would be transporting gas to customers outside of Pimmit Hills in much larger quantities than typical gas pipelines servicing residences. Pimmit Hills residents would bear the brunt of construction disruptions underneath our streets and the potential for loss of property value. Perhaps this is why after meeting with key stakeholders, VDOT District Manager Helen Cuervo mentioned that due to the existing transmission line located along Route 7, along with the wider road width of Magarity, keeping the pipeline along Route 7 and Magarity was an option that “appears to be more conducive to the needs of all stakeholders.”2

Washington Gas continues to claim that the residents of Pimmit Hills have voiced little to no opposition to this pipeline. Please sign the petition to voice our opposition and to keep this 24” high-pressure transmission pipeline out of Pimmit Hills and back on Route 7/Magarity road where it belongs. For more information, visit


1 “Gas transmission pipeline” was the term originally used by Washington Gas, and the company seeks the contested permit to replace existing transmission pipeline on Route 7, therefore, we will refer to the 24” pipeline as a transmission pipeline.

2 VDOT letter to Washington Gas, date July 25, 2019, denying permit to lay transmission pipe through Pimmit Hills