Petition Against Pimlico Academy’s Dress Code Changes For All Years

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Pimlico Academy has changed the Sixth Form dress code. This would be acceptable if not for the current circumstances.
Most people do not have the money during COVID-19 to buy new and expensive clothes for school, because of furlough and loss of jobs etc. The UK does not know what is happening with its economy at the moment, so saving money is key. Should we buy food or fancy clothing for school? Which is the priority? The Government have also taken away free travel for under 18’s which now means we are going to have to spend even more money on travelling to school. 
It is also unsafe for us to go to shops and buy said clothes. A lot of us feel uncomfortable going into shops, especially clothing shops, and trying on clothes would also be unsafe as there is no guarantee that the clothes are clean, as many people have tried them on.
Emails have been sent around 2 weeks before we go back, and most students have probably already brought clothes for the school years that fit the dress code we currently had, before these changes. Year 12’s have wasted money and Year 13’s have also wasted money from last year. Year 13’s will also be in school for only 7 months before they finish, and in light of the pandemic, will probably be going to school just for lessons, meaning they’ll be going in for 2-4 hours a day, instead of the full school day.

Currently, in making this petition they have no sent emails to everybody and have not updated the school website. We should not be forced to change our dress code so quickly before the start of school and not during this time. People will also be punished and sent home if they do not comply, which means we miss out on learning because we cannot buy new clothes.

Also, younger years (7-11) and some which also apply to Sixth Form are now faced with a lot of discriminatory changes, such as no facial hair, no makeup until Sixth Form and only then subtle make up, hijabs have to be black however the boys suits and girls blouses can be multicoloured, no big or long hair, girls cannot wear “revealing” clothes that show their shoulders. There are many more factors around things such as jewellery as well. There is not option for non-binary students either. We as students have the right to express ourselves however we choose, and also have the right to have our natural hair weather it be big hair small hair or loads of facial hair or no facial hair. We should be able to show our shoulders without “distracting the boys”. We should be able to wear jewellery as some can be sentimental. We should be able to wear any coloured Hijabs we want as its part of a lot of people’s religion. We should be able to have a clothing option for people who don’t want to conform to a gender. We should be able to wear as much make up as we like as it improves self confidence.
From year 11 up, we are more worried about what is going to happen to exams and grades. We don’t want clothing changes, we want reassurance for our learning. We still have no idea what’s going to happen during this pandemic, yet we know what clothes we can and cannot wear? This only adds more pressure to us to get new clothes and conform to the dress code.

Please sign the petition so we can keep the same dress code as we had before so that we won’t waste valuable money and put our selves at risk. Thank you.   The link for the dress code policies: