Save the old Ice House in Pilot Point, Texas!

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Save the one-hundred-year-old Pilot Point Ice House from destruction, possible displacement and from transformation into a parking lot!

IT IS A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK!  The old Ice House is no longer in use and needs to be restored.  Help us race against Pilot Point City Hall’s tar lovers so we can have time to register the property as a historical landmark.  The plan of the Friends of the Ice House is to turn it into a park as an attraction. Visitors are charmed by Pilot Point and its history and have been taking pictures of themselves at the Ice House for years.

Help us against good-intentioned but mislead property buyers/speculators who want to purchase the Ice House from City Hall, a treasure that belongs to the people,  and displace it.  Seeping erosion of the historic district.  Remember the old buildings on the square?  Gone.  We need to encourage City Hall to reverse the destroying trend.  This Ice House belongs to historic Pilot Point, to the history of the town and the collective memory of many people still living!

Irony of fate, on the lot next door to the Ice House, there has been a community effort to freshly plant a heart-shaped vineyard that already attracts people’s attention and later will bring visitors.  The beauty of this landscape’s perspective would be destroyed by a parking?  Beyond destroying the historical landscape and heritage, the parking project would induce POLLUTIONS of many kinds: Bright city lights for parking safety, bright car lights and loud talks at night, running engines for heat in winter and A/C in summer, gazoline smell,  loud car music, and weekend drunkards at the edge of the town square, transforming our historic paradise  into a LIVING HELL for local residents.  

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