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Pill Mills in Florida: Strengthen Florida Laws to Stop Pill Mills and Trafficking of Oxycontin

The lax laws of Florida have permitted the proliferation of Pill Mills and have resulted in the death of loved ones not only in Florida but across the country. We must mirror the laws of the stricter states for prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. We must hold the immoral physicians responsible for their premeditated actions and death of our loved ones. We must empower pharmacists in the state with stricter laws so they can refuse these so-called legal prescriptions for oxycontin. Physicians working in pain clinics should be monitored by an unaffiliated consultant to review their records for dispensing. Patients should be mandated to one pain management physician. Syringes should be sold by prescription only or by proof of "legal and legitimate use". There should be a zero tolerance for any physician operating an illegal pill mill operation, with license revoked and jail time. There should be a zero tolerance for any person entering our state for the purpose of doctor shopping and sale of oxycontin with mandatory jail time. Controlled substance prescriptions should have an expiration date of 72 hours to fill, a data base mandatory check for any doctor shopping, proof of contract between patient and a single pain management physician, and monitoring of physician records by licensed consultant pharmacist.

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