Save Karbala and Najaf from Plastic Waste: BE A GREEN PILGRIM

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The Great Plastic Threat

Each week 3 Million Pilgrims visit The Holy Land of Karbala and Najaf. They use and waste more than 2,400,000 plastic cups.

60 Million pilgrims from 40 countries and 25 cities of Iraq visit Karbala and Najaf each year and waste more than 48,000,000 Plastic cups. 

Plastic cups & spoons used in 2018 will decompose in the year 2468. Styrofoam dishes used in 2018 will decompose in the year 2068.Paper Cups used in 2018 will decompose in the year 2038.

Impact of each one of us during 10 days stay in Iraq 

Plastic Cups used >>      100
Plastic Spoons Used >>  40
Paper Cups Used >>       40

Due to this massive waste production, residential societies, rivers and lands around the Holy Places are getting badly effected. Wadi us Salam, world's largest and oldest cemetery is facing serious threat to the our plastic waste.

I understand that there are many stakeholders involved. Dialogue is in progress with all of them including The Holy Shrines, but as a lover of Imam Hussain (a) we can very easily reverse this situation as our service to our Imam (a).

Carrying 1 reusable bottle will save 100 cups,

1 metal spoon will save 40 plastic spoons,

 1 reusable tea cup will save 40 paper cups

 During 10 days stay by a pilgrim.


Lets pledge to try our best to carry these three items with us and to volunteer to keep These Holy Places clean and green!


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