Save the PW Dolphin Mascot

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Pilgrim Wood Public School opened 25 years ago in 1990 with "Splash" the dolphin as the mascot.  

The reason a dolphin was chosen: "Dolphins are playful, happy creatures preferring the company of other dolphins rather than travelling alone. They communicate openly with one another working as a team to overcome difficulties. The dolphin’s behaviour reflects the kind of relationship we encourage at PilgrimWood. That’s why Splash the dolphin was chosen to be our school mascot."

This mascot is not racist, offensive or inappropriate in any way.  There is no logical reason for it to re-brand.  Mascots should see their life through with the school.    

Pilgrim Wood Dolphins have made a difference in our community and in the world.

"The dolphin, as a mascot may not seem powerful but it was such a point of pride wearing the logo with our mascot onto any court or to any event with that school. Representing Pilgrim Wood as a dolphin WAS powerful. Changing the mascot to anything else strips not only your proud alumni of their connection to the school, but is a flagrant waste of school funds that could be used for anything else! I stand by the Mascot, logo and everything it means to myself and fellow alumni."  - PW alum #1

"Losing our mascot is so much more than just a change of colors and letterhead. It feels like the erasing of our hard earned titles and championships, moments of exploding pride and crushing heartbreak, and successes and failures on and off the field. But even worse than that it is a outright rejection of the the life altering friendships, successes, failures, life lessons, mentors, and memories we all created as Dolphins.

Alums, teachers, coaches and parents deserve the preservation of the culture of hard work, pride, support and community the Dolphins represented. Furthermore the new generations of students deserve to be able to be a part of this decades-long tradition." - PW alum #2

School re-branding is not fiscally responsible.

The decision to create a new mascot is frivolous spending for no apparent reason - change just for the sake of it.  The trickle down effect of costs; letter head, school signage, banners, equipment and uniforms (many new team pinnies and uniforms purchased in 2013/14) etc... is not good fiscal planning of parent money.

Keep 'Splash' the dolphin as Pilgrim Wood's mascot!

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