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The 2015 Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Natural Therapies for Private Health Insurance concluded that the effects of Pilates as a treatment for a number of conditions (including low back pain) was uncertain.

Since the Review, there has been a significant increase in the body of evidence (randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews) supporting the efficacy of Pilates as an effective Method for health.

The removal of Pilates means that Health Funds are legislated against being able to provide rebates for Pilates services. This Rule could have a devastating affect on your studio, be it your business, place of work, or place of participation in Pilates.

The adverse impacts of the change include:
·      individuals no longer being able to access Pilates services
·      potential increase in individuals accessing other allied health services with un-trained practitioners
·      will affect the economics of Pilates businesses (possible closure of studios)
·      could lead to increased and unnecessary medical and surgical interventions
·      could result in an increase of pain medications being prescribed unnecessarily
·      may lead to increased injury rates for older people
·      a lower quality of life and health for people who currently benefit from Pilates and may not be able to continue doing so
·      will result in the loss of GST revenue for Government
What do we want?

The Rule to be amended to allow benefits to be paid for Pilates services when carried out by a trained Pilates practitioner with accreditation from a recognised Pilates industry body.

What can you do?

Sign the petition!

What else?

You could also help by writing to your local member of parliament, the Health Minister or your Health Fund, your GP and anyone of influence – let them know how this will affect you, how Pilates has helped you, what your business means to the community.