Allow Sky's the Limit to Keep Their Roosters

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Sky's the Limit Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue that provides shelter to neglected, unwanted farm animals.  Our property is ZONED for roosters and we have taken all the necessary legal steps, like constructing shelters at least 10' from the property lines.  We insulate coops with R-19 fiberglass insulation, just like a home, and do not open coops up until after 8:00am.

Without speaking to us to resolve issues first, three neighbors that do not like or appreciate what do, have complained and submitted signed affidavits to Pierce County Animal Control.  We are going to court to fight it in March and hope to show the judge that these roosters deserve to be here!

Our roosters have come from all types of situations, including cock-fighting and abandonment.  Most of them came to us sick and/or in bad shape and we have lovingly cared for them, restored their health, and provided them an enriching environment with which to live out their lives in peace.

Now we are faced with heavy fines because 3 neighbors don't like the natural crowing that's signature of a happy, healthy rooster.  One such neighbor lives 100+ yards away from our property line and the decibel level of the crowing in front of said neighbor's home is only 38dB, equivalent to a whisper.  These neighbors are trying to have us fined and the roosters removed.  These neighbors hold a vendetta against us for hosting events at the sanctuary, which creates extra traffic and road dust.  These neighbors also have dogs that bark and run loud motors whenever outdoors (ie: generators, leaf blowers & chainsaws).

Our roosters are family.  We don't take kindly to people trying to destroy our family.  We cannot afford to be fined because a large portion of our income goes to caring for our human kids as well as our animal kids.  In addition, fines will prevent us from the alternative, which is moving.  This would mean uprooting our kids from school, deconstructing coops and finding another home for all of us.  We didn't do anything to harm/upset these people, aside from SAVE LIVES.  Everyone and everything makes noise.  Just because you can't understand something, doesn't make it illegal.  It is our hope that the judge sees these people for who they are; grumpy old folks with nothing better to do than focus on sound far away, and allow our roosters to stay where they belong.  This noise absurdity has brought a great deal of undue stress to our lives over potentially losing our beloved boys.  Please join us in our fight!

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