Guests at Piedmont Graduation

Guests at Piedmont Graduation

April 5, 2021
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Started by Brittany Gowen

After four or more years full of hard work and love for Piedmont, all the majority of the 2021 senior class wants is the ability to have family and friends watch us graduate. We understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic but so many companies and institutions have been finding ways to make large events work in a safe way and we are begging Piedmont to do the same. Possible ways to have graduation safely include:

  • moving to an outdoor space (on or off campus)
  • limited guests for each student and temperature checks as well as other covid protocols
  • separate ceremonies for each college

Moving to an outdoor space always mean there’s a chance of weather disruption, but we suggest the possibility of large event/wedding tents to avoid that or finding a location that already has a covering. We ask that the Piedmont University Task Force will please change the ruling that students are not allowed to have guests. All we want on this day that we have worked so hard to get to is the ability to have our family and friends watch us walk across that stage in-person. It will be our last day on campus until we find a day to visit as alumni for many of us and we would love the chance to close this chapter of our life with loved ones around us.


This petition made change with 861 supporters!

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