Support this alternative proposal for Piedmont's Art Center

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YES We want to continue having a Piedmont Center For The Arts, but NOT under a 10 year lease which restricts access by other citizens to our public building.  We can have it both ways as the cities of Pleasanton & Clayton already do. Simply put, they share!  Many of you may have attended summer theatre shows in Clayton or art exhibits or performances at the City of Pleasanton's Firehouse building, both situations in which a City building is shared among multiple uses while having a vibrant arts program.  We can do that too!

Please support the solution of having the Recreation Department run the 801 Magnolia West Wing with 1600 hours per year reserved for the EXCLUSIVE and FREE USE by the nonprofit Piedmont Center For The Arts, Inc.  This way of having the City subsidize and support the arts in our community can totally co-exist with other non-arts usages as it does in other cities. This way, we can all use the Piedmont Center building just as we can the Veteran's Hall but the PCA will continue wonderful artistic events there for the whole town to attend, exactly as it now does.  Most residents will not notice any change. The Center will still advertise on its website & in the Post, and continue booking the wonderful musical performances all enjoy!

The City Council will take up this issue soon.  We who have formed The Piedmont Committee For The Arts are asking the Council to broaden the discussion of how best to use our 801 Magnolia public building for all residents, to consider this alternative, hold public hearings, perhaps form an Arts Commission. Please lend your support by adding your name!