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Should IAP tolerate & carry members who are never Be faithful to our association 

1) IAP should take action and suspend these members .

  I recommend IAP should suspend any IAP office bearers or IAP member holding any Official post in any other professional Physiotherapy association In India which has direct conflict of interest with The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) . 

           What Is conflict of interest with IAP

Any other professional physiotherapy association    registered under societies act /public trust/public limited company which issues membership or establishing district or state branches with office bearers in any districts/states in India.

2) Being a responsible IAP member I recommend any member who defame IAP in public forum and social media platforms should be suspended .

3) Lets together make our association IAP the best medical professional association in India .

4) My association uplifting my profession is my pride.

5) I am a responsible IAP member,change start with me.

6) Let this change induce professionalism and discipline in association as a professional body for the benefit of profession and community.