Inform Women about Mammography Harms Too / Insurance for Automated Ultrasound Needed!

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Despite mammography being at the root cause of an epidemic of overdiagnosis, most women only learn about this problem after they have been overdiagnosed with a non-invasive "stage zero" breast cancer. This diagnosis creates a cascade of psychological, physical and financial harms without any life-saving benefit for tens of thousands of women annually.  Many women like myself who feel harmed rather then helped by a mammogram say they continually feel forced, coerced, intimidated, and pressured into continuing to have mammograms. Even after women tell their doctors they have done extensive research and would prefer an alternative form of imaging and monitoring of their breast health, many doctors say opting out of mammography is not an option -- and an alternative will most likely not be covered by insurance. Women should have options for breast health monitoring covered by insurance (such as automated whole breast ultrasound), especially if they have been previously harmed by overdiagnosis and the negative and potential life-long detrimental effects brought forth by a mammogram detecting a "cancer" that is "not really cancer." Under-diagnosis (false negatives) from mammography is even more alarming. Women with dense breast tissue and women with implants or young women deserve to have alternative imaging not just as a supplement to mammography. Women should be able to opt out of mammography without hassles and harassment about the need for mammograms.  Automated whole breast ultrasound should be covered by insurance as the sole form of breast imaging for annual screening/monitoring if a woman chooses this. Please read about and watch videos explaining the scientific facts to support this petition: #mammographyHARMStoo