Stop Graphic Images of abuse and torture on facebook

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Graphic images of violence and abuse are damaging to people who view them over and over again.  No matter what the words being used, the images do the damage.  This is where you can read an article about the harm being done by these images:

Many of these are even from fake sites that are just using these images to gather information from people who think they are helping to stop the horror they are seeing.  Some of these images float around for years and there is no animal to help anymore.

The horror pictures of the last moments of a dog being skinned alive or burned alive are not needed and are as bad, or worse, as graphic pornography.  A small child seeing these images can be affected in a very negative way, with nightmares and fears invading their lives.  The people opening their feeds and scrolling through do not have the option of not seeing a picture, it is just there.

These images either need to be banned, just as pornography is banned and hate speech is banned.  At the very least they must be covered and the person has a choice to look at the violence or not. 

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