Do Not change the music schedule and program at Chase County Schools.

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    Music education has been a very important part of my life. From taking piano lessons, grade school music and choir at Zion Lutheran Church from Dr. C, to playing the clarinet, bassoon and guitar for  Mr. Bragg, taking guitar lessons from Marla Smith and last but not least vocal music in high school from Mr. Hayes.

    I now teach others to play the piano and guitar and sing and accompany the choir at church.

    Our superintendent Mr. Lefdal has decided to change the music program. Our high school and junior high vocal teacher Mr. Hayes will now be teaching  vocal and band for just the high school and our band teacher Mrs. Strand will teach vocal and band for the junior high. We know where the strengths of both of these teachers are! Mr. Hayes and his students have garnered many awards for the program that he has built. And Mrs. Strand is now doing a wonderful job rebuilding our band program.

    I believe this change to be detrimental to our kids and the program. We all know how important music plays a role in all areas of learning.

    I hope alumni and community members will sign this petition so our administration and school board knows how important this is to us.