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Phoenix Police Department, Hold Officer Patrick Larson Accountable For Police Brutality

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Two years ago, Officer Patrick Larson of the Phoenix Police tackled a 15 year old girl head first into a wall, after she'd had a fight with her teacher.

The girl was walking away slowly, and Larson charged her in a full on sprint, slamming his arm into her face at full speed, against a brick wall.

On Monday, March 11th, he was given a total of five days suspension. Even at such a little punishment for having overly abused a child, he is fighting his punishment, saying its too harsh.

This is absolutely unacceptable. In a clear display of police brutality, this is sending the message that not only can they beat someone who is not fighting back, but that it is acceptable to even beat children.

Officer Larson must be held accountable for these actions, and should be removed from the line of duty. Anyone who believes that such actions are acceptable should not be allowed to continue as an officer, who's main job is supposed to be to protect and serve.

This is neither protecting, nor serving.

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