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Humanely euthanize Mickey to make sure he never mauls a child again.

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On February 20th of 2014, this dog Mickey bit a four-year old boy named Kevin Vicente. This was not just a bite, the child is breathing and eating through tubes, and needs years of reconstructive surgery after having his face nearly torn off, several bones broken in his face, and possible blindness in one eye. Kevin was visiting the owner of Mickey with his nanny when Mickey attacked him. According to the County report, Kevin was doing nothing more than running past the dog when he was grabbed from behind, after which the dog started chewing on his face. There were adults present, which is what probably saved his life being that they pulled Mickey off of him. Dog's that exhibit such a drastic show of aggression cannot be rehabilitated, especially at Mickey's age. This is not Mickey's first time showing aggression towards another creature, it has been reported that before this attack, he killed a neighbors puppy.

This situation is unfornate for Kevin and Mickey. However, the degree of viciousness shown by Mickey cannot be underestimated. If he attacked once, there is nothing from stopping him from attacking again. At Mickey's age, I am sure you, the animal specialists at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, are well aware that he cannot be rehabilitated. The behavior he exhibited would cause him to faul an aggression test at an animal center. Mickey did not just nip at this boy for touching his food, he viciously attacked him nearly tearing his face off. This is the second act of aggression that Mickey had shown. The first being the murder of a puppy long before this attack on Kevin.

Nobody can take back Kevin's injuries or suffering, but you can make sure that Mickey is never allowed to attack or kill again. Remember, not if, but when he attacks again, the child may not survive.

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