Join Me On My Journey To Become The New Green Power Ranger

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Hi everyone!

         My name is Alexander Burgos and I would love and greatly appreciate all of YOU by helping me become the new Green Power Ranger, for the Power Rangers Movies by Lionsgate and Saban. This will not only be a dream come true, but proof that hard work, dedication, and prayer pays off. My family and friends have been supporting me for 7 years on my journey of becoming a professional actor. We have been through a lot of ups and downs, but things are paying off. This will be the tip of the iceberg and the start of propelling everything to new heights.

        Aside from being a long time fan, I want to be the green ranger because I believe I am the best candidate for the job based on my level of acting, performing, martial arts, and stunt skills that have prepared me for this and many more opportunities. Also, in the recent 2017 movie, one of the rangers (Zack) was taking care of his sick and dying mother which connected with me personally because my mother had breast cancer twice and I had to be there by her side along with my family to get her through it. Thankfully, with much faith and prayer survived. My sister and I are very close as well as how the rangers ended up being because if not, they couldn't morph. It reminded me of all the things I've been through with her and how we have overcome all of the circumstances and grown closer.

     What makes me stand out is my ethnically ambiguous look and genuine charisma. I am from Dominican descent, so adding another race and look will keep the diversity of the cast and the film's theme real and personable. It is important for me to be a representative of the Dominican Republic because I love my country and my family. My goal is to put our country on the map and show the world the incredible talent that comes out of our Island. I appreciate all of your support. Together, we make the impossible possible.  Don't forget to follow me on all social media @iamgreen2018 and use the hashtag #iamgreen2018


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