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heavy cotton and normal size official phish shirts please.

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To whom it may concern,

    Myself and many other phans, notably but not limited to those with larger frames or, such as myself, extra cushion, have voiced concern over the sizing and materials used for official phish shirts over the last several years. personally, i have been unable to purchase any official shirts due to the fact that the sizes are smaller than the norm, and the light soft cotton is not forgiving on my less attractive areas, notably my glorious male breasts. As such, i have been forced to take my business to lot vendors who seem to sympathize with their husky brethren and have selections including heavy cotton and proper sizing. This has been an issue with female phans as well who yearn for tank tops and cute form fitting tees that are true to the standard sizing they have become accustomed to. Myself and countless others would be absolutely overjoyed to once again be able to purchase official shirts, and be confident that they will fit properly and not embellish our cushier areas. Please consider offering a selection of official tour t-shirts and tank tops made from the standard heavy cotton shirts we all know and love. Thank you for all that you do.


In the event that the choice to utilize the current shirt system was in order to covertly encourage weight loss in your fan base, it isnt working. i can only speak for myself but i have only gained weight since i last purchased an official shirt in 2013. 

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