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Loraine Steyn started this petition to PhillipN@tshwane.gov.za and


The City is failing Ward 3.  We WANT the service delivery that we pay for.

The lack of service delivery is currently affecting us as residents.

* Water leaks almost daily.  Water leaks do not get repaired when reported, sometimes it will take up to months to fix a water leak. Tshwane has water restrictions and we were without water for 10 days. Then when leaks are repaired the damaged pavements do not get repaired.

* Power failures.  This seeks urgent attention as a previous petition was handed in for security at the Zebra/Kraai Route. Kwaggasrand/Westpark has constant power failures. Due to COVID-19 a lot of residents work from home as well as our children who need to study. 

*  Potholes, our potholes get filled with sand.  Vehicles are being damaged.

* Grass cutting, tree cutting, and parks maintenance. This is becoming a huge problem as criminals are using it to target school children and other pedestrians.

When trees do get cut, the branches do not get removed.

* Waste removal.  Weekly there is a problem of not all streets being collected.

Residents are stuck with their dirty bins sometimes until the following week.

* Street lights.  Faulty lights get repaired and within a week or two they are not working again. Some lights have been reported months ago and have not been repaired. Residents are told there is no stock of spares needed.

* Billing.  This is a huge problem as consumers are expected to pay estimated accounts and are told they will receive a credit on their account. Residents cannot afford this. Electricity gets cut without proper notification.

* Illegal dumping.  People are not afraid of being threatened with TMPD anymore, they know nothing happens.  We require NO DUMPING signs throughout
Ward 3.

* Illegal building and illegal business.  Businesses are being run from residential premises without the correct documentation, we even have people selling food, etc. on the pavements. Houses are purchased and without correct plans etc. extensions are made to premises.  Our power infrastructure cannot supply all these premises and exciting premises with power.

The Councillor has informed the community that he does not always receive proper feedback from The City.

We need The City to provide solutions to us as a community and not like always empty promises!

1,089 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!