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Get rid of the unfair dress code at GCHS

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This petition is to get rid of the unfair dress code that has been set for Giles County High School and all Giles County School Systems.The current dress code allows no self expression in everyone's most difficult years; the teenage years. How are all of us at GCHS expected to express our innermost selves, and be happy and confident in ourselves? People are being sent home just for wearing a shirt that isn't deemed "appropriate", having colored hair, or any kind of facial piercing if they do not have a clear one in. We as students are being refused access to the education we need in life, just because of the way we look and dress. Most companies accept colored hair and piercings so why are we being shamed for having them at school, the place that prepares us to work at those very companies. Many people, including myself, have sat in the office in tears, or almost in tears because we are being shamed, and sent home just because of the way we look, and the way we express ourselves. If we can just be accepted, and allowed to express ourselves freely, we would all be so much happier, which could potentially result in better grades, less bullying, and a better, more accepting, school environment. Please help us, the GCSS (Giles County School System) students, be allowed to express ourselves and be happy and confident, by giving just a simple signature.

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