Improve Philippines Social Security System

Improve Philippines Social Security System

March 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Para Kay Juan!

The Philippines Social Security System should improve its services.

"Walang mintis sa pag kaltas ng kontribusyon pero puro minstis sa serbisyo para sa mga miyembro."

"I'd rather allocate my SSS contribution to a private insurance company than waste my time dealing with SSS."

These are just some of the member's feedback when it comes to the services being provided by SSS. 

Due to the pandemic, people nowadays rely on efficient and convenient ways to get assistance. However, these so-called alternatives are not working. 

  • Hotlines are always busy or not working.
  • No one responds to your email inquiries apart from being given a ticket number that no one cares about.
  • Offices have longer queues amid the pandemic. You have to stay overnight just to secure a transaction number for a simple request. 
  • SSS Facebook admins reply using canned messages which is irritating. 

With all the budget that they have, they should allocate funds to improve the things that would benefit their members. They should improve their online services, their offices, and other things that can help them serve their members better.

Visit to see all the feedback written by SSS members on their posts.

Let our voices be heard! Sign the petition to improve their services!

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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
Support now