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Do we still have a physically and mentally healthy President? Is he still the one making decisions to manage and put an end to the current crisis? The Filipino People have the right to know.

            Of late, the President has been seen as rather sickly and miserably incoherent in his press conferences, specifically over the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. For example, he uttered incoherent gibberish when asked a question on the lack of testing kits:

            …The kit can be distributed to the different health centers, but at this time kung kulang they can be brought to a testing station… to RITM.

Kokonti lang kasi… Eh the kit, is the kit, meron namang lumalabas pa… I think that ... sabi ko nga ... in every epoch, maybe meron nung una, Bubonic Plague, mga gago ang tao no'n, tamang-tama lang…

Tapos yung Spanish Flu, right before the wars… kawawa yung mga tao… pero mas kawawa yung sa Middle East… The so-called Roman Empire… You have read the inquisition, kung may birth mark ka you are a witch, and you are burned at stake….

            Thus, on April 13, 2020, a concerned citizen filed a case before the Supreme Court to compel:

a) The Office of the President to disclose the medical records of President Duterte, pursuant to the command of the Constitution;

b) President Duterte to undergo confirmatory medical and psychological/psychiatric tests to confirm the information in his medical records and to verify that he is still fit to lead the country; and

c) Office of the President to release the results of the confirmatory tests, as soon as  they available.

To recall, the President seems to have also lost his mental faculties towards the end of his appearance last April 3, 2020:

…Hanggang ganoon lang kayo… *taps the table with a pen six times* …tapos pag andiyan na yung mga bata, hinayaan ninyo, inaaabanduno ninyo, yung iba ipapag-bili pa yung ibang mga babae, putangina, tiyaka itong recruitment itong recruitment bantay ito saakin…wala, wag kayong matakot wala pang DDS dito, puro mag dating kayong mga recruitment, yawa kayo, isa pa kayo, pareho kayo sa mga… ang galit ko sainyo pareho sa droga… kaya kayo, I’m warning the law enforcement agencies, kung mayroon akong nakitang ni-raid ninyo, tapos sinundan ko pero walang nangyari, demanda… I dare when you raid you come up with a good case or else I will ask you, “magkano ang ibinigay sainyo para hindi ninyo?” …may two years pa ako magbabasa ako, makikinig ako, maski puyat ako nakikinig ako sa mga late news.

Mag … pag hindi ko ganunin, … bayaran yung kaso, magkasala ka na magkasala ... huwag na yan, magkasala kayo, magtanan kayo, pinapahuli kayo ng asawa, bigyan ko pa kayo ng ticket para tuloy ang ligaya ninyo, sige, dito kayo sa Maynila, kung ayaw na yung asawa, wala na tayong magawa, patuloy niyo na yung kaligayahan niyo… hanggang ngayon, nag tubig lang ako *drinks water*. SALAMAT!

The President has likewise admitted that he uses Fentanyl to manage his conditions. Fentanyl is a type of opioid pain medication. Fentanyl is used to treat severe pain and is even typically used as palliative care for advanced stages of cancer. One of the common side effects of Fentanyl is “unusual thinking.” Thus, a person taking Fentanyl would have a hard time maintaining clear thought and lucidity.

As the country continues to battle the disastrous and multidimensional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is arguably no other more appropriate time than today to assure the Filipino People that their Chief Executive—the very person elected to lead the nation during these trying times—is unquestionably capable to manage the developing and post-crisis situations.

            We call on the Supreme Court to uphold the right of the people to know by granting the Petition for Mandamus requiring the President Duterte and/or the Office of the President to disclose the status of the mental and physical health of the President. The Filipino People deserves to know


You may view the whole petition here: https://tinyurl.com/s2jjg46