No to Golfers Ruining Jiu-jitsu PH! No to Sports Politics! NO TO CHOY COJUANGCO!

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Choy Cojuangco is a golf enthusiast who is trying to run and control Jiu-jitsu in the Philippines. He was appointed in 2014 with zero merit and without any background whatsoever in Jiujitsu. He has since then cost the country countless gold medals and it’s chance to completely dominate the Asian Jiu-jitsu competition scene. He has also excluded top athletes the right to represent the country even after qualifying. Worst of all in other instances, no qualifiers were ever held (AIMAG 2017.) He alongside his golfer friends Gia Suarez, Ferdie Agustin and Jason Lim are among the board members that are destroying our country’s strong potential to bring home future Olympic gold medals! They have never trained or handled anything related to the sport of Jiu-jitsu, so why are they even there fighting to stay in power? Step down! Resign now Choy Cojuangco and give Jiu-jitsu back to the Jiu-jitsu community!

We’re calling on all BJJ practitioners who care about the future of our sport to sign and support this petition! Let us not allow politics to takeover and ruin it!