intensify investigations of Philippines "Drug War" police killings & EJKs

intensify investigations of Philippines "Drug War" police killings & EJKs

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Philippine National Police and the Department of Justice

Why this petition matters

Started by Joel Sarmenta

This is to call-out the new Chief of the Philippine National Police (henceforth, "PNP") , Gen. Carlos, as well as the Department Of Justice (henceforth, "DOJ") , and is a direct response to a challenge issued by Gen. Carlos (said over TV5, Nov.22) when the general said those critical of the DOJ effort to investigate 52 police killings/EJKs (submitted to DOJ by PNP) as too paltry, should submit specific cases, instead of mere stats, & if submitted, PNP will immediately look into them.

Gen. Carlos, we already submitted specific cases!  3 complaints covering 4 EJKs were submitted to your predecessor, all asking why they were not included in the "52 cases" the PNP  sent to DOJ.  These cases were covered by media.  Worst of all, the victims' families pushed all they can to seek justice...all for naught?  Just 2 of them:

  • A case already in IAS PNP since 2017, & with IAS completing its enquiry, but now it is in limbo:  death of Darwin Hamoy, a 17-yr old killed with 3 others (4, if you ask PNP) in the Payatas Birthday Massacre of 14/15 Aug 2016;
  • the killing of Joselito Gonzales on 6 July 2016 in Antipolo, for which the Court of Appeals issued a decision in November 2018 ordering PNP to penalize the cops

How could the IAS of PNP fail to include these in the "52 cases" submitted to DOJ?  Let us all sign to establish our position calling for a truly comprehensive investigation; &  express our potential outrage if this "52 EJK cases"  the DOJ is "investigating" is an indicator that this is just an PR effort to side-track the focus on the fact that the International Criminal Court is now investigating these Philippine "Drug War" killings, of which the PNP has admitted to killing almost 7,000 individuals, each of whom was someone's father, son, or daughter, spouse, etc... & of which very few had a court order authorizing their arrest at the time they were killed by police.  

Support this call as a first step in driving for justice in the Philippines for the Drug War police killings!  


262 have signed. Let’s get to 500!