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Blood SHED is Life SHARED

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Do you know that when 1% of the total population engages in blood donation, it would satisfy the blood needs in the Philippines? Despite this, the World Health Organization revealed that the rate of blood donations in the Philippines for the past two years has been decreasing. This may be due to the fact that there are common misconceptions about blood donation. For one, blood centers are the primary source of blood for medical purposes; however, there are only 8 blood centers in the Philippines; hence, making it hard for individuals to find places where they can donate blood. According to the Philippine Red Cross Organization there are many institutions that are accepting blood donations, and these institutions are: PRC’s National Blood Center, Regional Blood Centers and Philippine National Blood Bank. Furthermore, the process of blood donation is in accordance with the following tests on the transfusion- transmissible infectious diseases (HIV, Malaria, Syphilis, Hepatitis B&C)


This petition intends to encourage every individual ages 16-49 years old to donate blood in order to address the increasing need for different types of blood for unalike cases such as accidents resulting to severe blood loss, external and/or internal hemorrhage, chronic anemia, leukemia, and other kinds of bleeding disorders. In addition, this petition would also be able to ensure the regulation of blood supply in the country by contributing to the different organizations. Moreover, blood donation is promoted to each active and healthy.


Through blood donation, an individual can acquire a variety of benefits that may improve his or her health and physical well-being. Unfortunately, some of these benefits are barely discussed among the public even though blood donation is usually encouraged in other countries. In order to address the situation, Dr. Joseph Mercola of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign elaborated the four unusual benefits of blood donation that everyone should take into consideration.

First, it is commonly recognized that iron deficiency can be a threat if not addressed quickly. However, what some people don't know is that having excessive amount of iron can be worse and recurrent in most individuals. With these reasons, it should be then acknowledged that balanced level in iron is essential and that one way to acquire it is through blood donation. 

Second, blood donation prompts better blood flow such that internal and external factors (e.g. emotional stress, anxiety, radio frequencies, smoking) make your blood thick and slow- flowing. This outcome makes your body more prone to blood clot and stroke and fortunately, blood donation can make your blood flow better and may also help in reducing damages to the lining of your vessels which could possibly result to the decrease in blockage in your arteries.

Third, one of the benefits of being a blood donor is that you are able to catch a glimpse regarding your health status. This is because before donating blood, it will be tested for thirteen infectious diseases (e.g. Hepatitis B and C).

Lastly, according to Konrath, Fuhrel-Forbis, Lou and Brown, statistics show that when you become a blood donor it can reduce the risks of mortality. In essence, the people who volunteer in groups to motivate themselves may prevent exposure to potential stressors.

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