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Started by lebb gaspar

"Mental health is just as important as physical health." This quote simply states that mental and physical health is equal. Kaya naman kung mayroon ka ring karamdaman mentally, it is just as valid as a physical pain. Your emotions are totally valid.

Ever since the pandemic started, a significant increase of mental health problems were recorded. And according to a survey conducted by the Movement for Safe, Equitable, Quality and Relevant Education or SeQuRe, 54.7% of students claimed that distance learning affected their physical and mental health.

Also, according to another survey which is also conducted by SeQuRe, 40% of students no longer want to continue online learning. 21% says otherwise, while the remaining 39% were undecided. The reasons behind their answers to the survey given are because of long screen time that tires their eyes, inadequate sleep, and irregular meals because of a piling amount of school works, with a little time given to accomplish.

During online classes, a long time of facing the screen and overloading amount of information being constantly fed to students is already mentally draining. Virtual fatigue is real, and it can lead to anxiety or stress to students and also, teachers.

Not only were there these problems, something worse also happened. Kung nakakanood kayo ng balita, mayroong ibinalita noon na dalawang students from Saint Louis University na nagsuicide dahil sa dami ng ginagawa sa school. This tragedy, kung hindi maaagapan nang maaga, ay maaaring magresulta sa mas marami pang death cases dito sa Pilipinas.

And that is the reason why we chose this petition – Mandatory Academic Break for Mental Health. Students have been focusing on nothing but their academic responsibilities that they sometimes forget to also take a rest and have fun. Giving students a vacation after a long time of studying every quarter is a huge benefit in terms of refreshing their minds. A week of vacation will allow students to do their hobbies without worrying about school work, as well as spending their week with their friends and family.

This petition aims to call for the implementation of mandatory academic breaks every quarter in a school year which lasts for a week. Through this petition, everyone will have time to unwind and lessen the pressure they feel on their shoulders and have some fun. This will not only benefit the students, but teachers as well. Thank you.

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!