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Stop EJK: Killing Is Not An Option

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In the light of the deaths of Kian de los Santos, Carl Arnaiz, and Reynaldo de Guzman, mere students whom dreams and lives were taken advantage and also of the deaths of all EJK victims, we ask the Duterte administration to stop the 'War on Drugs'.

Just a year ago, President Rodrigo Duterte sent an indirect call and opportunity to vigilantes to perform extra-judicial killings, which resulted to an average of 5-6 Filipinos being killed every day. These anti-drug use campaigning became widespread across the country, drawing panic to people and across the world, making them see the fast resolutions of our new president. However, as we look through the process of this implementation, we can observe that there are a lot of flaws to be responded first. Unidentified deaths have been arousing because of Duterte’s encouragement of people to kill drug users, either done by the police or the drug lords themselves. This even results into deaths of the innocent. But importantly, the government should take notice about seeking alternatives rather than pursuing death as the solution.

     Killing means we deny one’s right to live, to be happy, and to enjoy his years.  Everyone’s right to live should be protected by the law, but the government itself is ending them right away. Article 5 on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated that, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” The way that EJK had been targeting innocent minors isn't helping this country. It has become sick and toxic. Just think of it, a life of an innocent student, who can have a bright future, was just ended in a snap of a finger. They had done nothing wrong, yet these students were accused, tortured and killed. This needs to stop as soon as possible.

As for the real drug users, their lives are also important. The “Pusher ako, huwag tularan” tag placed onto the clothes of unidentified lifeless persons laying around were evident in the past months. As we put one into the test of death and shame them into their last breath, we destroy their dignity and deprive them even with proper execution and burial. We have removed their rights to speak and fight for himself or herself and unconsciously we take over their choices in life. Even if they had committed crimes, we should see them as members of this society and their lives aren't just like items for sale. 

              A person could change in a single moment with proper leadership and determination, but if we take away the only thing that they hold on to survive, which is their lives, then nothing is going to happen. It is a right of a person inside a certain community to feel secure and safe. The amount that we value life will never equate to the determination to eliminate criminality and drug use in the country. In the same time that we try to protect the citizens, we forget to give importance to some who needed more help. We deprive them with their right to live, speak and change for themselves.

Killing is not an option.

Killing is a wrong choice.

Killing is immoral.

We should never cling to death as a solution.


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