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Keep a steady heartbeat

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the leading causes of death for the past 15 years are heart-related complications, specifically, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). As stated by the US Department of Health and Human Services, CHD causes plaques to develop within coronary arteries. Thus, the condition in which this occurs is called atherosclerosis.

CHD is usually induced by sedentary lifestyle while eating food that are high in trans fat which then causes cholesterol levels to increase. Trans fat are most often found in fast food and processed food that are nowadays frequently consumed by the majority. Along with this, some other major risk factors are smoking, diabetes mellitus and stress.

Symptoms that may indicate that one is suffering from CHD are as follows:

Chest pain (angina)  - the feeling of having any pressure and tightness in one's chest, specifically in the middle or left part

Shortness of breath - without the heart properly functioning, the blood will not be able to supply oxygen to one's whole body

Heart attack - a completely blocked coronary artery hinders heart to effectively pump blood to flow inside the blood vessels

In order to prevent the prevalence of heart diseases, one must engage in an active and healthy lifestyle. This can be done through regular exercise and a balanced diet. Reducing vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption could also aid in decreasing the risks of acquiring such diseases. Even more, keeping oneself hydrated assist the heart to smoothly pump blood all throughout our body which then helps in supplying oxygen to make our body function normally.

We ask the help of the different government agencies including the Department of Health, Philippine Red Cross, and most especially, the Philippine Heart Center, to promulgate the preventive and disciplinary measures in order to avoid heart-related diseases. Moreover, with the help of the emerging Smoking Ban proposed by the government, we hope that less cases would be enumerated due to this. Consequently, by focusing and implementing motivational and instructional activities both for the youth and adults, we could further aid in making them stewards of their own lives. 

Love your family and friends without any troubles and worries, but most importantly, love yourself to even love them completely. If only the heart could speak, we believe that she would utter this: I beat for you even when you sleep, but do you do anything for me to keep?

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