We oppose the passage of HB 8179 granting a nationwide franchise to Solar Para sa Bayan.

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Php3/kwh or P15/kwh? FIND OUT THE TRUTH...

Leandro Leviste’s Solar Para Sa Bayan Corp. (SPBC) may be charging its electricity customers at rates five times higher than the level that Leviste, the son of Sen. LOREN LEGARDA, has been presenting to the public.

SPBC is a subsidiary of Leviste’s Solar Philippines, whose media statements claim it will sell electricity as low as P2.34/kwh. SPBC now operates in Paluan, Mindoro Occidental, an area not served by the main power grid of Luzon. But reports show the cost of electricity in Paluan is way above what Leviste is saying in public based on the billing statements of the company’s customers in Paluan.

Records show Solar Philippines has actually charged some customers over P15 per kilowatt-hour, not the P2.98/kwh cost that Leviste has claimed.

Our lawmakers and regulators should therefore be warned about the folly of gifting any single private company with a super franchise.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN and ask him to VOTE AGAINST THE BILL giving powers to charge high electricity rates.

NO TO #HB8179! #KilltheBill

Philippine Solar and Storage Energy Alliance
3 years ago