Pursue the Peace Process in Mindanao #FightForPeace

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I want to thank all of you for supporting my petition. Thank you for believing in the power of the peace process instead of an all-out war in achieving lasting peace and development in Mindanao. I hope you continue to support me in this journey. As long as there are families living in evacuation centers, we should not stop campaigning for the peace process. Mothers of displaced families can no longer see a good future for their children and their children’s children. When there is a war or a threat of it, let there be peace. Our government should assure this. Because every time there are families displaced due to armed conflict, I say the government and we, as a people, fail. When one hears of the word “Mindanao,” s/he equates it with war: military tanks, evacuees, terrorism, and bombings. Mindanao has become the extension of training camps of Philippine security forces because most test missions are conducted here. But I ask you to take a closer look at this region we call home. Read and learn about Mindanao’s colorful history written by its own peoples. There’s no better time to do it but now. There had been civilizations in Mindanao long before the Spanish arrived or when Manila became the center of this country. Take a look at Mindanao’s natural resources. You can wander on “Google Earth” and marvel at the white sand islands of Sulu, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi. But all of them are sleeping. No one wants to invest due to the peace problem. I believe that the first step in this fight for peace is knowledge and empathy for each other’s cultures and histories. We cannot impose nor discriminate. As a Christian from Mindanao, this is my moral obligation - share the untold stories of Mindanaoans especially those who are voiceless and marginalized. I hope you would too. Again, thank you for your support. I would also like to extend special thanks to church leaders, Muslims, and Christians, who campaign against all-out war. Please keep sharing our petition so the government will know that Filipinos all over the world are rallying to the call for peace. Sincerely, Jason Navarro change.org/MukhaNgGiyera

jason navarro
6 years ago