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PH government: Untangle The Country from Corrupt Officials and Poverty

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For the past years, there are tremendous reports about bad banking, money laundering and corruption which often results to a person's unfortunate life.

In this present time, this heart breaking and mind wrecking problems are still the major source of a country's low economy. The time for fathomless fascination with the said issues must be put into halt. It is the time to stop such selfish acts and stand for what is just.

Poverty is one of the biggest and longest problem of the Philippines. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the existence of poverty seems to be inevitable. Millions of our fellow Filipinos cry out for justice because the fund which must be used for the betterment of our nation seems to go to some official's pocket. 

Based from the news, corruption is one of the lead factors of poverty. Corruption is the improper use of power in order to attain a selfish desire disregarding its negative effects to humanity. Many officials are still continuing such injustice practice that is why many of our fellow Filipinos still suffer from the life that they are in and why our economy is still not that excellent.

Since the aim of this petition is to improve the current and the future state of our country by means of refining the ill habits of some of our officials, we should empower citizens to demand anti-corruption. Empowering them to hold government accountable is a sustainable approach that helps to build mutual trust between citizens and government. We must fight for what is moral and just!



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