Combat PH Teen Pregnancy with Comprehensive Sex Ed!

Combat PH Teen Pregnancy with Comprehensive Sex Ed!

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Save the Youth,Save the Girls by Signing this Petition! #CSENow

Sex is not a joke.It’s not all love and intimacy when the lack of education about it is the very reason why there are many young girls in the Philippines who are dropping out of schools,socially-stigmatized,and worst are poverty-stricken.

By signing this petition,we show the collective will of the youth to combat the alarming rates of teenage pregnancy by pushing for the integration of a comprehensive sex education in the basic elementary and high school curriculum,one signature at a time.

The figures should urge us to take action.Commission on Population(POPCOM)reported that there are 1.2 million children having children every year and around 30,000 of these teenage mothers have experienced repeated pregnancies. This isn’t a mere social crisis,it’s also an economic crisis because it amounts to P33 billion economic losses according to Commission on Population and Development(CPD).But apart from these alarming figures,early pregnancy is evidently linked to poverty and even worse it continues the intergenerational cycle of poverty,also acknowledged by POPCOM.

Why should you care?

Based on Philippine Statistics Authority’s (PSA) Annual Index,the results showed that 61.9 per cent of the 2.97 million school dropouts were girls from the age of 16 to 24 whom are forced into “marriage or family matters.”Which is a clear indication that teenage pregnancy is a major hindrance to young girl’s education.

Under the provision of  the Republic Act(R.A.) No. 10354 or the “The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012.” A sexual education for the youth must be implemented.

“SEC. 14. Age- and Development-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education. – The State shall provide age- and development-appropriate reproductive health education to adolescents which shall be taught by adequately trained teachers informal and nonformal educational system and integrated in relevant subjects such as, but not limited to, values formation; knowledge and skills in self-protection against discrimination; sexual abuse and violence against women and children and other forms of gender based violence and teen pregnancy; physical, social and emotional changes in adolescents; women’s rights and children’s rights; responsible teenage behavior; gender and development; and responsible parenthood: Provided, That flexibility in the formulation and adoption of appropriate course content, scope and methodology in each educational level or group shall be allowed only after consultations with parents-teachers-community associations, school officials and other interest groups. The Department of Education (DepED) shall formulate a curriculum which shall be used by public schools and may be adopted by private schools.”


The Department of Education(DepEd) has already planned an integration of an age-appropriate and culture-sensitive sex education in the basic elementary and high school curriculum,however they’re still working on its policy guidelines.

Comprehensive sex education will not only contribute in curbing teenage pregnancies but it will also touch several topics on gender,equality,empowerment and etc.Based from DepEd’s order,the integration will include seven topics:human body and human development; personhood, healthy relationships; sexuality and sexual behaviors; sexual and reproductive health; personal safety; and gender, culture and human rights.

In signing this petition,we show our support to DepEd’s directive in developing responsible youth.

One of the Duterte’s administration targets is to reduce the poverty incidence to 14% and to attain this,teenage pregnancy who is inarguably one of the main roots of poverty should also be adhered.While we may not be able to reverse these early pregnancy cases,by educating the youth properly to be responsible,to make informed decisions,and to be knowledgeable about RH services  we are preventing children from having children and instead we allow them to fulfill their education.And through that we truly uphold our principle that the youth is the hope of a nation.

SEX is not a joke.Children  having children IS NOT a joke.Poverty is not A JOKE. Support the implementation of comprehesive sex education by signing up this petition!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!