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Empower the Pilipino people by a law creating People's Commission

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Giving the people the right to choose and make appointments (COMELEC, COA, Sandigan Bayan, Supreme Court, AFP, PNP and CHR) to senior positions thus freeing the concerned government agencies from political influence.

Having per office, 15 seats People’s Committee representing various sectors, having one nominee from church organizations, media org, student body, teacher's, labor, soldiers, business sectors, minority political party, office of the president, integrated bar of the Philippines, certified public accountants and others as maybe determined by the law. The people’s choice will now be legally upheld since the appointees will beholden to the people not to a party or patronage of the few politicians. This will safe guard the role of the government agencies concerned in the performance of their respective duties as mandated by law.

It is with the objective to free the following government offices from direct influence by the limited few such as the ruling party in the appointments of the officers specially the senior positions. For history can only give us a bad memory how the government system was weaken by this gratitude of favor, time and time again we witness and history had recorded that the ineptness of the appointee was in paying back on favors for his positions.

It can be surprising that COA can be poor accountant to overlook corruptions on government agencies not unless the head of COA is close with the politicians giving favor to look the other way or close his eyes. How sad for COMELEC when electorate are given candidates to choose, candidates that can not comply with basic requirements of the law like the simple proliferations of campaign posters, filing of expenses incurred, and there more to mention, can we now blame the electorate given a poor choices... and how can we expect the chairman perform at his best when he owes his position to the President, hello, hello… the Pilipino were cheated not once but always in every election every time COMELEC fails to perform beyond doubt. How long we have been so tired waiting for convictions of government officials when again the appointed head of SANDIGAN BAYAN is bowing their heads to the President, so no conviction on incumbent political party mates…. Now we have the latest drama on impeachment of the SUPREME COURT Chief Justice, the President not honoring the appointment of the previous administration as the president said was an overnight appointment, it is better the People’s Committee now appointing the chief justice to save the taxpayers’ money for politicians playing on the technicalities of this drama while people at left to wander and business to suffers… In all of this political uncertainty the AFP and PNP are the favorite topic of loyalty check and threat of coup is in the air, they become the pawn of this political juggling and only to be a part of this is simply because their senior officers promotions comes from the commission of appointments of politicians…. Lowly soldiers tried to coup to suffer demotions and deprived of salaries and benefits, still our politicians even being tried still get their salary with benefits…

Are you tired, let us get together and be one to put things in order… TO FREE THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES FROM POLTICAL PATRONAGE!!! Let us call our good public servant to empower the people by waving their right in the appointment of the officers in the government agencies concerned and give to the people the right to select and appoint.

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