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Green Highways of Manila

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One of the most busy roadways of the Philippines is the roadways of Manila, lots of public and private vehicles are passing there. Those vehicles that emits dark cloudy smoke are those who uses leaded gasoline that are cheap. It makes the atmosphere in the roads and highways balmy and uncomfortable to the people passing there.

The main problem is many of the drivers and operators don't have that discipline to help lessen the pollution their vehicles make. Also, only few trees were planted along the sides of the roads that can reduce carbon dioxide coming from the smoke of the vehicles.

In the present, we can help to reduce the pollution from the roads by using alternative fuels instead of using leaded fuels that are cheap, there were now companies who sells cheap bio-fuels that produces few carbon dioxide. Another is, there were environmental government agencies who can help establish seminars about the pollution and how can we reduce it. We must act now before it's too late.

If this petition succeed, it may get the attention of the local government of Manila that will help us to establish programs to initiate the fight against pollution in the roads of Manila.

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