Change All Highways Named after Marcos to Magnanakaw Highway!

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Highways are named after individuals in order to honor them. FE Marcos Sr is not an honorable man and was ruled a plunderer and human-rights abuse enabler by US, Swiss and Philippine courts. In order to bring this point home, especially to young Filipinos, we should change those highways' name to the more appropriate term Magnanakaw Highway meaning Thief's Highway. *

Republic Act 10368 @

World Bank site @

Philippine Supreme Court ruling G.R. No. 152154 July 15, 2003 @      

"WHEREFORE, the petition is hereby GRANTED. The assailed Resolution of the Sandiganbayan dated January 31, 2002 is SET ASIDE. The Swiss deposits which were transferred to and are now deposited in escrow at the Philippine National Bank in the estimated aggregate amount of US$658,175,373.60 as of January 31, 2002, plus interest, are hereby forfeited in favor of petitioner Republic of the Philippines."

Human Right Chair Loretta Rosales @

 Where are the Marcos stolen wealth? @

 * After which we can name those highways after TRUE PATRIOTS Jovito R Salonga, Jose W. Diokno et al.