Project LookAll: A Call to Give Filipino Agricultural Producers Better Profit Margins

Project LookAll: A Call to Give Filipino Agricultural Producers Better Profit Margins

August 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by LookAll

Workers in the Philippine agriculture sector are among the lowest paid in the country, due to the infamous exploitation of middlemen across the archipelago, resulting in an increase in poverty, and a rapidly aging industry.

Lookall is a virtual marketplace that gives local farmers a competitive edge by connecting them directly to businesses while reducing costs and food waste by also providing our own shipping service, in partnership with Xend.

Filipino Farmers Are One Of The Most Poorly Treated Sectors In The World
The prominent system of: Farmers to Middlemen to Customers, forces farmers to sell their produce at the lowest prices, while middlemen are able to increase the price because of their access to the customer. A typical Filipino farmer only makes 5 to 50% of the crops’ value (Russel, 1987), while middlemen sell the produce to end consumers at higher prices. This leaves farmers with less than enough resources to feed their families and directly affects the future of the agricultural sector in the Philippines, with less youth considering the industry as a viable career option, while also amplifying poverty for numerous Filipinos.

Until now, Filipino agricultural producers and suppliers barely have any online marketing presence that allows them to connect with customers directly and bypass selling their produce to middlemen.

Our vision is to strengthen the voice of Filipino agricultural workers and act as the bridge between them and businesses all over the Philippines.

Lookall’s Benefits to Farmers
(1) LookAll will be boosting partner agricultural producers’ and suppliers’ online marketing presence allowing them to connect with customers directly, eliminating their need for middlemen and increasing their income.
** An SMS program option is available for farmers that do not have internet access

(2) Lookall will easily promote the quality of our partners’ agricultural produce to customers in their respective regions, and soon, to all Filipinos nationwide!

Lookall’s Benefits to Buyers
(1) Lookall will be providing users with a one-stop virtual marketplace, where they can browse through, select, and purchase produce straight from the farms.

(2) Lookall will be keeping stakeholders updated on the latest news concerning the agricultural sector in the Philippines through its mobile application and newsletters in the from of graphs, charts, and write ups.

(3) Lookall will be providing their own shipping service, in partnership with Xend, that will deliver produce to customers ensuring proper produce handling, avoidance of food waste, and only the best quality produce upon delivery.

A Few Words From Our Current Stakeholders:
"Malaking tulong ang negsyong ito sa aming mga magsasaka. Kadalasan kasi ay nauubos ang kita na nakukuha namin mula sa mga paninda dahil sa matataas na presyo ng mga [distributor] pero dahil sa ganitong negosyo, mababawasan ang gastos namin at mas marami kaming mailalatag sa hapagkainan."                                                                                                          — Rosalinda Santos, Batangas

LookAll truly helps our Filipino farmers, but also business owners as well. With the option to buy in bulk and for a cheaper price, businesses such as our restaurant will be able to offer our customers the best quality food and save us a lot of money with regards to acquiring fresh ingredients every single day.”                                           — Marcelo Ragasa, Owner of Kaye’s Kitchen Nasugbu

To learn more about LookAll, visit our website at or check out our social media accounts: &

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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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