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Ban Smoking In Public Places

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Every year, smoking is responsible for the deaths of over 443,000 people and the hospitalisation of thousands more. This devastating drug is destroying hundreds of thousands of lives each year and it's time we stopped it, once and for all.

Many say that there's no point in banning smoking because the smokers are the only ones affected and that it is their choice alone. However, it isn't just the smokers who are affected. The children and other relatives of the smokers are affected as well, whether it's from passive smoking, passing on bad habits, or the premature death of a loved one. Unfortuately these people are not given a choice and are subjected to the affects of smoke caused by those around them. Every year hundreds of people die from passive smoking through no fault of their own. Whether it is an innocent bystander, a young child or an older parent, smoking also kills those who have never lit a cigarette in their life.

Even the smoker's themselves do not really have a choice, because they are dealing with an addictive substance. Even those recognise the problem, and who want to give up, struggle to do so. Therefore it cannot be left to their choice alone.

Smoking affects every people in the world.

Enough is enough, sign my petition and get rid of smoking once and for all.

Yours Sincerely, Ardwin Isles.


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