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Zero Cases on Animal Abuse

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The problem is that nowadays, animals are taken for granted. May it be a wild animal or a simple house pet. People don't recognize their rights as another living being in this planet that should be cared for and preserved by us. Some wild animals are even hunted down and used as a trophy or decoration in their house or sell their skin or fur for big sums of money. Some are even kept and trained to fight other animals like dogs. People nowadays doesn't care about other living beings. As a human I can say that humanity nowadays are found within animals and not within us. Why? Some people doesn't even care about their own kind while dogs can even be reported saving their own kind or their owners as for dogs. Endangered animals are hunted down and used to feed their own ego. Some people even post their photos on Facebook and being constantly bashed by animal lovers. Even farm animals are not utilized properly. Even though they are used for food, we should give them respect due to another living being as a co member of this planet. We are created by God to take care of the world He created and not just to use them. Some animals are not only hunted down but also neglected and unloved. This falls under the category of house pets. It is the responsibility of the owner to care and love their pets and treat them as family, because they stay loyal to their owners. They also have feelings that should be understood. Some people even enjoy abusing animals such as dogs and cats and even barn animals which I find alarming. If we don't start caring and taking actions  for these cases then who will? If not now then when? When endangered animals become extinct? Or when common cats and dogs are endangered? Yes there are still a lot of good animal lovers out there but we need to ensure that no other animal gets abused.

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