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Advertise the use of sunblock to block skin damage

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According to, skin cancer is characterized to be the abnormal growth of skin cells due to dysfunctional DNA damaging the skin cells and therefore causing mutations to occur. One type of skin cancer is melanoma, it is known to be the dangerous type. It can be cured when it is detected early however, if left undetected, melanoma can spread cancer cells to others parts of the body making it fatal.

Melanoma can be detected by noticing its symptoms. One symptom of melanoma is the sudden appearance of a new mole or growth of an old one. Lesions, or damage in the skin caused by an illness or injury, that suddenly change in form, itch or bleed are signs that should be given attention immediately. 

The following are the three common ways of treating cancer:

  • Surgery - it is the removal of the tumor and the surrounding tissue to ensure that all the of the cancer is removed. Also, it is the most effective way to eliminate the tumor, especially when it is detected in the early stages of cancer. Despite its effetiveness, there are still side effects that you have to consider when you will undergo the procedure such as, pain, organ dysfuntion, infection, swelling, appetite loss and numbness.
  • Radiation - it is the use of high-energy radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, or protons to eliminate or reduce harmful tissues that surgery did not remove. However, the negative side effect of this treatment is that it can damage healthy tissue and cells.
  • Chemotherapy - it is the use of anti-drug to stop cancer from spreading throughout the body and slow down the growth of cancer cells. 

Even though there are treatments for cancer, it is still advisable take precautionary measures in order to prevent the disease.

Since UV rays are the main cause of melanoma, it is advisable to protect yourself from excessive exposure to sunlight. This can be prevented by staying under the shade when going outdoors, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Also, by wearing light colored clothes would protect your skin from direct sunlight and sunblock with SPF of 15 or higher will protect your skin when you are outside. In addition to these, avoid tanning your skin that leads to exposure of skin to too much sunlight that could be one reason of having skin cancer. In short, always protect your skin from direct sunlight and check your skin at least every month to ensure a healthy skin and to be free from skin cancer. 

Overall, skin cancer is not a deadly disease by itself, however, it can be easily acquired and spread to the other parts of your body if you are not careful in protecting your skin. 

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